Mobile Apps Module (IOS & Android)

Mobile Apps version (IOS & Android) for MobiCRM System

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Mobile Apps version (IOS & Android) for MobiCRM System

Push Notifications by OneSignal:
Send push messages and URLs to your users easily.

Easily make your application your own by translating and customizing colors and using your own icons for menu items.

NativeWeb Progressive Technology ™:
Never before has web content been so beautiful. We inject custom CSS to optimize the device’s screen page and create a unified look.

allows your users to share content and promote your app at the same time.

In-app media viewer:
View images (embedded), videos and audio content in your application, full screen.

Connection Manager:
Detects automatically when there is no connection and prompts the user to continue when the Internet is restored.

Dynamic update:
Update the app by pulling the screen down.

Support :
Apply Apple Developer account and submit to store
Apply Google Play Market and submit to store

Listed price is the first year price
Second Year  monthly price 699

Other Info

Should Installed MobiCRM System first